About Us

Our Philosophy

We are a team of green entrepreneurs, aiming to promote a sustainable and green way of living.In love with nature, through our rigorously vetted sourcing of eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade and cruelty free products, we aim to build a community which is committed to make a change in the way they live and promote a planet friendly lifestyle. While we will not be able to reverse the clock, small changes make a big impact for the world. Changes can be made at individual levels by changing our habits and switching from environmentally harmful products to eco-friendly solutions as far as practically possible. Green Cart stands for sustainable, herbal, organic, handmade, cruelty free, fair-trade, vegan and social impact products.

Our Vision

Together We Can Make the World More Greener

Our Mission

To inspire a green living by providing environmental friendly and socially responsible choices for our everyday requirements.

Our Product Selection Process

While we select the products for showcasing in our website, we follow a stringent selection process with some of the following criteria to be successfully met.

Eco-friendly / Biodegradable products

Products not harmful to the environment or help conserve resources like water and energy. Plastic should not be a major raw material and the final product should be biodegradable or re-usable.

Herbal / Natural Products

Herbal products are prepared from plants for their health and immunity values. Natural products do not contain any synthetic ingredients which may be harmful to human health in regular use.

Organic & Chemical free

Organic products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. In organic production there is no use of chemicals during the entire production, processing and preservation process.

Social enterprise products

A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good. Products made with a social cause in mind such as providing healthcare or safe drinking water for the poor, introducing renewable energy, creating jobs for the unemployed or advancing education initiatives.

Artisan made & Handmade

Artisan-made items entails that we are working directly with its makers to provide meaningful and sustainable wages and preserving heritage and craftsmanship. No automated production mechanism is used while producing these items thus to benefits the large craftsman society.

Cruelty free

Cruelty free products are certified for not having tested on animals at any stage of their production and therefore you can be sure that you are good to the animal kingdom while using these items.


Vegan products are not contained any animal related ingredients and purely vegetarian or plant related ingredients are used to prepare them.

Alternate Products

Eco-friendly alternatives are available for almost all consumer items which are not planet friendly. Bamboo fiber products can be an alternative for plastic, cork for leather items, copper for water bottles, food containers, etc. Eco-conscious consumers can look for such items in our collections


Indigenous products are specific to a native or region originally developed through century old traditions. We directly source products from these original sources and bring to the customer without losing its originality.

Truly Local

Local products are sourced from local manufactures or farmers thus supporting the local economy.

Packing Process

When packing our product, we follow a minimalist or naked packing approach to packing. If a packing is required we try to use eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled cardboard and paper, biodegradable/mushroom/corn starch based plastic, seaweed packing etc.


We, at GreenCart, ensure our products are in compliance with international and regional benchmarks, green protocols and eco-friendly standards.   




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