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Kimia dates (Mazafati dates) are one of the many different kinds of Iranian dates and it is a touch of Persian flavor and taste.


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Order and get delivered a sensory journey to the heart of Persia with our exquisite Mazafati dates. These velvet-skinned, jewel-toned gems aren't just a delectable treat; they're a tribute to ancient Iranian tradition, a burst of natural sweetness. Mazafati dates boast a luxuriously soft texture, an irresistibly sweet, and every bite is a testament to the nurturing sun and fertile soil of Iran. Containing natural sugars and complex carbohydrates, these dates fuel your body and mind with sustained energy, making them the perfect snack for active lifestyles. Cultivated in Iran for centuries, Mazafati dates hold a special place in Persian culture, considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and hospitality.

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