Heavenly Flowers

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This is a special collection of 8 exotic flowers perfectly knotted in eco-friendly brown kraft paper forming a European style bouquet. The special flowers in purple, blue and white colors give a luxurious royal look to the bouquet and is a perfect gift of love and gratitude, purity, innocence and youthfulness.

Sending flowers to your loved ones is the expression of your love and care to them. You do not need to feel sorry to the planet when sending flowers – because we take special care to the Mother Nature and with the objective of preserving it for the generations to come;

       • 100% fresh flowers

       • Ethically sourced

       • Eco-friendly gift packing


SKU FL-103

RoseWhite - 5

Hypericum White - 4

Delphinium Consolida - 3

Lisianthus Double Evanthi Black Purple - 10

Callistephus Pink - 10

Carnation Purple - 6

Eryngium Blue- 10

Pittosporum  Ilan 

Please note that the type and size of the fresh flowers are subject to availability. If we are unable to fulfill the same color and size of the flower in the picture given; we reserve the right to substitute the product with flowers that look the same, but with slightly different colors.

We will specially print your message in a recycled card and attach with your gift. You can type the message online and submit while check out or WhatsApp your message to us with your order no.

If you have any special instructions or wants to talks to us, please WhatsApp 0556433689 / 0506578063

Care Instructions

For a better life of your flowers and keeping in freshness, please follow the below steps:

• Remove the wrapping and trim the stems at an angle of 45 degrees.

• Remove the leaves and foliage below the waterline. However please do not remove all the leaves.

• Keep the flowers in vase filled fresh water.

• Avoid placing the flowers in direct sunlight & avoid contact with high temperature / heat sources.

• Keep away from refrigerator, television or any other electronic devices.

• Do not keep flowers directly under the ceiling fan or direct flow of Air Conditioner

• Mist fresh water daily – do not over water.

• Remove any dry flowers, leaves and foliage, re-cut the stems and replace them with fresh tap water.

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