Zero Waste Kitchen Bundle 1 – Planet Friendly Kitchen Items

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1 - Blue Flowers

2 - Botanica

3 - Natural  Colour

4 -  Natural Colour

Colour & Size

1 - 1 Large (14"X14"), 2 Medium (11"X11"),1 Small (8"X8")

2 - 2X49X31.5

3 - 15X6.5X5

4 - 10X10X1

This is the eco-friendly kitchen bundle for converting your kitchen in to a zero waste kitchen.

Item Includes:

1 set of Beeswax/Bean Wraps - these are the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage, and they can last up to one year with proper care.

1 piece of re-usable shopping bag – Carry your own re-usable shopping bag for shopping. These reusable bags are excellent quality.

1 piece of coconut Fiber Floor & Laundry Scrubber - This eco-friendly floor and laundry scrubber has been handcrafted with coconut coir bristle, which is known to be naturally anti-microbial. It is ideal for cleaning the floors and even clothes. It features an easy to grip, ergonomic wooden handle.

1 set of Coconut Fiber Dish Washer Coir Scrubs (Set of 5) - This eco-friendly, minimalist cleaning pad has a raw and natural feel. This scrub helps in keeping kitchenware squeaky clean and free from chemicals.

All items in our special Zero waste kitchen bundle are made with love of the Mother Nature and with the objective of preserving it for the generations to come.

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