Our Story 

We started our journey of green business, GreenCart.ae , in the middle of year 2022 and have been offering sustainable alternatives to our customers for their life style related products such as bags, wallets, backpacks, kitchen utensils, cleaning items, handmade ornaments etc. As we move on to further product ranges, we are bringing you our online flower delivery service, GC Flowers . We focus on eco-conscious customers who are looking for planet friendly and sustainable gifts to express their love and emotions. Our specially selected flowers and gifts are a statement of your love and commitment towards your loved ones and to mother earth. We ensure our flowers and gifts are:

• Ethically Sourced

• Eco-friendly packed – Biodegradable & Zero waste to landfill

• Up cycled / Recycled Boxes

• Handmade & Hand Painted Vases

We have the social responsibility to develop sustainable habits in our daily life so that our daily routines work alongside the resources of nature instead of depleting them, or doing more long-term damage to the environment or ecological system. The most pressing issue of the current time is the environmental degradation and global warming. We have a duty to the future generations to provide them clean air, water and surrounding. By associating with GreenCar.ae, you are taking a step towards protecting what it is important.

We ensure, as practically as possible, to avoid plastic packing and to use sustainable means of packaging for our gift packing and flowers.


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