Pet Water Bottle Recycled SAKKY Drawstring Backpack, Simple Carry Bag, small accessory bag for Men Women Unisex – Black with colour stripes

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The fabric of our bags is made from recycled PET plastic bottles, that after being cleaned, crushed and washed and from the recycled plastic chips new rPET yarns are spun, then the bag is made.

Thus, a high quality and low environmental impact product with modern designs is realized and brought to you through our online luggage store.

• Brand from Italy

• Strong and durable

• Unisex

• Multipurpose – travel/college/office/sports


SKU 177-012
Materials Yarn made out of recycled pet plastic water bottles
Care Description Washable and no special care is required
Height 49 cm
Length  36 cm
Weight  170 gm

A-Black -Yellow strips

B-Black -Orange strips
Brand i-tota
Origin lItalian
Other 6 Pet Bottles has been used to make this bag

What problem it solve?

More than 100 million plastic bottles are used every day, by which our mission is inspired to make this project aiming to reduce such waste and to give a new life to it by recycling and their reuse at the same time. You do not need to feel sorry to the planet when using our life style products – because our products are being made giving due respect to our planet using sustainable process and using recycled materials.

What makes it different from other products?

Our productions are certified according to the Global Recycled Standard.

This product is made from recycled Pet bottles, a sustainable alternative to conventional leather, polyester and other synthetic materials.

What it is made of?

The RPET process, where R stands for Recycled of the PET (polyester) material of which the plastic bottles are made, consists in collecting such used bottles, so that they are ground into small pieces (polymerization) after cleaning. Then fabric (filanto) is extracted from it, which will then be used to create rolls of fabric of which our products are made. Usually 2 recycled 500ml bottles are used for cases, and 30-35 recycled 500ml bottles are used for larger backpacks.

All our products in this line are 100% made of recycled plastic, both in the external and internal fabric (except for the ZIP which are in metallic material).

Where is it comes from?

The products are from a social enterprise, Italy, focusing on creating special products to make the eco-friendly journey easier.

How do I use this product?

Sakky travel / drawstring backpack can carry all your essentials on the go.

• Drawstring backpack for sports

• Best carry bag for your shoes, sport gear etc

• Office backpack

• Outdoor backpack

Why should I buy this product?

In its battle against plastic, the label has been focusing on options that can help prioritize sustainability. So this range of products is carefully selected to support an eco-conscious generation who are looking for a healthy and sustainable life style and look for beyond normal. If you are one of them who carry a sustainable tag, the product is a perfect match for you and for your family.

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