A Guide to Gifting Flowers

Flowers whisper what words cannot say!

When it comes to conveying your emotions or feelings to your loved ones, there is no better way than saying it with flowers . The occasion can be anything but to mark the occasion sending a specially arranged bunch of flowers has been a tradition for centuries. In old civilizations, the tradition of flower gifting was very prevalent among Egyptians, Greeks, and the Romans. Through flowers we can convey our sincere feelings, whether it is love, happy, affection, sympathy, romance or even to say sorry when required.  

The following are some occasions when the flowers can be a better option to say what you want to convey to your loved ones, bosses, friends or anyone who need to be considered.


Each year we might have experienced the dilemma of deciding what gift should I give to him or her for this year’s birthday.  Do not worry, you are not alone in this story, we are all go through this dilemma. One of the best gifts you can present during a birth day is flowers. You can add the joy with cakes, chocolates, perfumes or other personal gifts. However flowers cannot be avoided from a birthday gift because it provides a feel of freshness and affection in the most natural way.


Wedding or any other anniversary is the time of the year that you want to brush-up the golden day memory.  It is a great thing to celebrate the mile stones of life and relations. Celebrating anniversary by gifting your loved ones is a great way to recognize the struggle and patience shown by your partner in making life move on. There is no life story without dip and ups, but the difference is the attitude we develop towards our partner. You mark this day with a special gift to your partner and show her / him that you care.   There are specially made floral arrangements available online to celebrate the anniversary and you can select the date and size of the gift virtually.  

New Born

Flowers and Children are the beauty of the word. There is no important day in a couple’s life than the day when they have a baby. Joining in the celebration of your loved ones is a good gesture that everyone remembers. How do you say that you are happy to congratulate your loved ones in their happy moment? Send them a box of flowers with your special message. Using one of the many available varieties in our new born collections , you can easily join the celebration.

Thank You

In a very self centric world, we must agree that ‘gratitude’ is a human virtue that is very important in social life. Therefore we must not lose any chance to show our gratitude for whatever small or big help we get. The person who helped you may be your doctor, teacher, friend, boss or any other person not related with you.  But showing your gratitude to them by sending a gift of flowers will reveal them the human in you.  


Mistakes are human and apologizing and correcting the mistake is a civilized attitude. Think about someone who received a bad experience or felt like that from you and later you realized the mistake from your part. You can quickly send them a bunch of flowers with an apology note. This good gesture from your side will make a lasting impression in the other side and this will help to mend the relations.

Celebrate Love

Age is just a number and whether you have been with your partner 20 days or 20 years, it is important to be felt the love by our partner. Love is not a one way business and it should work in return - being loved and to love. Celebrate what is important to each other – anniversaries, children’s birthdays, promotions at work, etc. Thank them with a bunch of flowers for something good they did – it may be something important for you like treating your parents or friends and show them how this has touched your heart. There is always a gift of flowers option available with greencart.ae for any occasions.

Get Well Soon

Getting hospitalized or being diagnosed as having a serious disease is a difficult time for everyone. When we go through such a difficult time, even a small gesture of moral support can make wonders in boosting our confidence. When you have friends, business associates, boss, relatives etc going through such experience, send them a bunch of get well soon flowers showing them how much you think about them.  


There will be moments in life to celebrate and recognize. It may be a good placement, promotion in job, getting graduated etc. but good friendship are both joining in the celebration and also showing our love during the difficult times. Whatever may be the occasions, you can join them with a box of flowers.


The situation and celebrations are many in our daily life. However recognizing them and showing the love, affection, consideration during those times is the key in developing a healthy social life. Building and maintaining relations are an art where we need proper tools and etiquette to follow. Sending gifts, flowers, messages are an integral part of this social tradition; and GreenCart.ae Flowers portal provides you of the many options to choose from.