Flowers Arrangements

“Plant a seed of friendship. Reap a bouquet of happiness”

Nature has given us so many blessings and beauty of the flowers is one amongst them.  Arranging flowers is an art work which requires creativity, visual imaginations, passion and design talent. GC Flowers is our associate flower delivery service and Florists at GC Flowers are the industries’ leading talents and they mark their creativity in every piece of flower arrangements they do. Our flowers are specially handpicked from our associates own farms in Kenya and also from the specially groomed farms in Holland.

Flowers, leafs, petals, buds and other floras are the natural gifts and it has the heavenly ability of touching our emotions and changing our mood. A beautifully arranged flower bouquet has the power to change our mood and bring emotions to relationships.

There are various types of Flower arrangements available with GC Flowers and some of the types are explained in brief:

Flower Boxes

Presenting flowers in a box is the traditional method of gifting. Flower box comes in different shapes i.e. heart, squire, round & rectangle shapes. Depending on the availability and season of flowers, roses, tulips and hydrangeas are beautifully arranged in these boxes with your custom made messages printed on cards. Flower boxes can be gifted for any occasions but specifically it is the best option for birthdays and anniversaries. Beautifully arranged flower boxes are available from GC Flowers with free delivery across the UAE.

Flower Banquet

Flower banquets are considered to be one of the minimalist & best way of conveying our respect, love, welcome and good wishes. Various types of flowers are beautifully arranged in multi colored papers, ribbons, and filler leafs to form a banquet shape and easy to be presented. This is a special handmade piece of gift and also economical when compared to other types of flower gifts. There is no wastage as it is not required to be fixed with any vase or boxes. At GC Flowers, we arrange free delivery of banquets for any occasions across the UAE as per your choice of flowers and dates.

Flower Vases

When you want to have a long lasting effect with flowers or use flowers for a positive first impression, the best choice is the flowers arranged in a vase. You can have varieties in flowers starting from a few red roses or with luxurious orchids and tulips placed in a vase . Selections in vases also available from simple glass vases to hand painted ceramic vases or terracotta vases. The special thing about flower vase is that, with proper care, the vase flowers will last long from one week to one month depending on the selection of flowers. Flower vases can be used in reception, offices and in houses to create a soothing feeling and positive first impression.

Flowers for Events

For events from wedding to corporate, beautifully arranged flowers are a must. Experienced Florists are available to make stunning floral arrangements for tables, centerpieces, flower walls, arches, and columns based on the event themes. Our associates stock fresh and beautiful flowers for all occasions within Dubai and other emirates. Whatever theme, design or style you want to follow in your events, our florists can match with your requirements to make your event unique and unforgettable.