Exquisite vanilla rainbow cake

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Multicolored, Marvel of Moist Cake with Layered Flavors with whipped white Frosting. 

This is a beautifully decorated cake which is perfect for any celebration. Vibgyor colors are beatifically crafted to make this rainbow cake a special treat to your celebration. Send this special cake for any occasion such as birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, promotion or just to enjoy togetherness.  

Please select the date of delivery while checkout and also provide the special message for printing on a special eco-friendly card.

If you prefer, you can select any flowers or other gift items to make a gift combo.

SKU CK-026
ITEMS Multicolored, Marvel of MoistCake with Layered Flavors
with whipped white Frosting

1.5 Kg  10 - 13 portions

2.0 kg  14 - 16 portions


Contain egg contents

Contain Sugar

We will print your message on the cake. You can type the message online and submit while check-out or WhatsApp your message to us with your order no.

If you have any special instructions or want to talk to us, please WhatsApp 0556433689 / 0506578063. 

•   The cake should be consumed within 24 hours.

•   Cream cakes should be kept in refrigerator.

•   While consuming the cake it is recommended to be at room temperature for a natural taste.

•  Special sculptural shaped cakes may contain supporting particles like toothpicks, wooden skewers, ice cream sticks etc.  Please ensure it is removed before consuming.


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