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Mabroom dates are one of the many different kinds of Saudi Arabian dates. The mabroom date has a dark maroon color, with an elongated shape,.mildly sweet and chewy flesh.


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Embrace the extraordinary with our premium Mabroom dates, grown under the scorching Saudi sun, these ruby-red jewels offer a symphony of rich, caramelized sweetness, unparalleled health benefits, and a touch of exotic tradition, delivered right to your door. Mabroom dates boast a lusciously soft texture and an irresistibly sweet, honeyed flavor that explodes on your taste buds. Bursting with natural sugars and complex carbohydrates, these dates fuel your body and mind with sustained energy, making them the perfect pre-workout or on-the-go snack.

We offer a variety of pack sizes to suit your needs and budget. Check out our bulk options for even greater value and enjoy the walnut wisdom all week long! We offer Convenience and gift box Delivery of dates anywhere in the world through DHL.

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