Recycled 15W Wireless Charger at Best Price

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15W Wireless Charger with fast charging, made from certified recycled plastic and sustainable FSC-certified bamboo. The wireless charging is compatible with all wireless devices, Android latest generations and iPhone 8 and above

This can be customized with your logos and name

Customized Printing Cost Per Item/Peace/Unit

Quantity Printing Methods
Silk Screen Single Colour Digital UV Print Laser Engraving
500 Pieces AED 0.86 AED. 2.5 AED. 2.86
100 Pieces AED 1.79 AED. 3.21 AED. 4.29
50 Pieces AED 3.57 AED. 3.21 AED. 5.27
25 Pieces AED 7.14 AED. 7.14 AED. 11.43
10 Pieces AED 17.86 AED. 17.86 AED. 28.57


SKU CG-091
Item 15W Wireless Charger
Brand @memorii (ITBH 1113)

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