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Introducing our Smart Nature Line Keychain Collection, crafted from exquisite beech wood. Each keychain in this collection boasts its distinct character, showcasing a unique blend of texture, thickness, and color. These keychains provide ample space for customization with a generous printing area.

This can be customized with your logos and name

Customized Printing Cost Per Item/Peace/Unit

Quantity Printing Methods

Silk Screen Single Colour Digital UV Print (up to 2 cms width) Laser Engraving
500 Pieces AED 0.5 AED 0.71 AED 0.71
100 Pieces AED 1.43 AED 1.79 AED 1.79
50 Pieces AED 2.86 AED 3.57 AED 3.57
25 Pieces AED 5.57 AED 7.14 AED 7.14
10 Pieces AED 14.29 AED 17.86 AED 17.86


SKU CG-012
Items Keychain
Size Variable
Dimensions 40 x 44 mm
  (KCMK 102)

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