All-in-One Wireless Speaker, Charger & Alarm Clock At Best price

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It is a multifunctional portable wireless charger with alarm clock, a powerful 5W Bluetooth speaker and a 4000mah built in powerbank. The speaker uses wireless BT 5.0 for smooth connection and has an operating distance up to 10 meters. With handsfree function and pick up. The 4.000 mAh battery allows you to play music for up to 10 hours or charge your mobile phone twice (depending on the size of your phone’s battery) In case your phone doesn’t support wireless charging you can also use the USB port on the back to charge your phone in the traditional way with a cable.

This can be customized with your logos and name

Customized Printing Cost Per Item/Peace/Unit

Quantity Printing Methods
Digital UV Print
500 Pieces AED 2.5
100 Pieces AED 3.21
50 Pieces AED 3.21
25 Pieces AED 7.14
10 Pieces AED 17.86


SKU CG-031
Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/1A
Size 10.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 cm
 Wireless output 5V/1A 5W
Colours Black
Brand Memorii (ITSP 204)

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