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Carribean Polo made from stretchable and breathable materials. With contrast details for elegant looking workwear. Special technology is used to pull out the moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric for quick evaporation, which keeps your body dry and comfortable.

This can be customized with your logos and name

Customized Printing Cost Per Item/Peace/Unit

Quantity Printing Methods
Digital transfer (up to 9 cms) Digital transfer (up to 30 cms) Embroidery (up to 9 cms) Silk Screen print (1 color; standard size)
500 Pieces AED. 2.14 AED. 7.86 AED. 3.57 AED. 0.71
100 Pieces AED. 4.29 AED. 10.71 AED. 4.29 AED. 1.79
50 Pieces AED. 8.58 AED. 10.71 AED. 7.14 AED. 3.57
25 Pieces AED. 8.57 AED. 22.86 AED. 7.14 AED. 7.14
10 Pieces AED. 21.43 AED. 57.14 AED. 35.71 AED. 17.86


SKU CG-094
Item 100% Polyester
Size X small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX- Large, 3X-Large




D-Medium Blue



Brand Santhome (carribean)

If you have any special instructions or wants to talks to us, please WhatsApp 0556433689 / 0506578063

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