Organic Single use straws - Disposable Coconut Leave Straws, Eco Friendly – Cocktail Regular

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Organic Single use straws - Disposable Coconut Leave Straws, Eco Friendly – Cocktail Regular

• Made from Fallen Coconut Leaves

• Patented

• Can be used in hot and cold beverages

• SGS - US FDA Approved for direct food contact

• Made in India by Rural Women workforce

• No Chemical process - No wax coating

• Natural shine and beauty


SKU 127-001
Materials Made from fallen down coconut leaves
Care Description Any pure organic material will get fungus when exposed to moisture and dark, so coconut leaf straws are no different. With proper storage conditions Leafy straws will stay perfect until you use them and dispose. Keep in a dry and normal temperature.
Length 5.5 inch
Width 0.4 inch (Dia)
Colour Brown
Brand Evlogya – KokosLeafy
Origin India
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What problem it solve?

Since single-use straws are often littered, they make their way into our oceans and endanger precious wildlife. In fact, it's estimated that more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die annually due to plastic pollution. One study published estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. They’re too small to be recycled, so they end up in the landfill by the millions. This innovative product aim to curb the plastic straw menace endangering our ocean and aquatic life by converting community habits to a sustainable life style.

What makes it different from other products?

The product is completely organic, natural and biodegradable alternative to single use plastic straws. There are other alternative available such as metal straws, wheat straws, bamboo straws however the coconut leaf straws are essentially more eco-friendly than any other products. The straws retains its shape in any kind of warm or cold beverage for about three hours. Unlike paper straws, this does not get soggy or leak glue and colour into the beverage.

What it is made of?

Made from fallen down coconut leaves that might otherwise be burnt, emitting thick fumes, these straws do not contain any chemicals that can enter the body of the end-user. Close to two hundred straws can be made from one naturally dried and fallen compound leaf. Fallen down coconut leaves are being converted into a product that creates value and solves a wicked global problem.

Where is it come from?

The product is from India and it is an innovative patented product made by one of the social start up in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

How do I use this product?

Leafy Straws are very sturdy and remain intact in liquid for many hours without getting soggy. In a few occasions these coconut leaf straws may unwind at one edge due to the nature of the leaves. Even in such scenarios they will stay intact comfortably to sip your juice full. The straw is perfectly okay to use in hot beverages too. Unlike plastic or wax coated paper straws coconut leaf straws won’t cause any reaction or issues with hot beverages and can be used with full confidence. They stay intact in hot beverages up to 30 minutes.

Why should I by this product?

We believe that it is possible to find in nature everything that we need for our daily living, without having to resort to products that harm the only home we have – the earth.

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