Peace Lily White Flowering Indoor & Table Plant Gift Plastic Pot

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Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) are a popular choice for indoor plants at offices and homes. It is an easy care plant and considered as one of the best airs filtering indoor plant. It is being found that Spathiphyllum cleans indoor air of certain environmental contaminants, including benzene, and formaldehyde.

This specially grown table plant can be a good gift to anyone on occasions such as anniversary , farewell and birthdays. It can be gifted to men, husband, father, brother etc. for using as a table plant in the office or at home. We beautifully gift pack it in an eco-friendly packaging and deliver to your recipient.



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  Plastic Pot
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We will specially print your message in a recycled card and attach with your gift. You can type the message online and submit while check out or WhatsApp your message to us with your order no.

If you have any special instructions or wants to talks to us, please WhatsApp 0556433689 / 0506578063

Care Instructions

Peace lily lives best in shade and needs little sunlight to thrive. Water once a week. The soil is best left moist but only needs watering if the soil is dry. Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing.

Keep away from direct sun.

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