Hand Stitched Kutch Craft Designer bag –Leather with Cut Work

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A testament of true craftsmanship, here is a classic piece of leather designer bag from Kutch, India. This leather accessory is designed by Anchal Bhai Bijalani and has been stunningly handcrafted by artisans from Kutch, Gujarat. Anchal is a craft entrepreneur practicing for over 20 years. He learnt traditional leather craft from his father. He is a master in developing Bags and foot wears.

• Sustainable Fashion

• Artisan Made

• Hand Embroidered

• Hand Crafted







Care Description

Keep the product dry, avoid water and alcohol/chemical sprays; Wipe with dry cloth


9.4 inch


8.8 inch


4.2 inch


350 gram

Colour / Model

Green/ Designer


Made by local Artisans of Kutch, Gujarat. Designed by Anchal Bhai Bijalani.


Made In India


Hand stitched

What problem it solve?

If you are looking for a hand crafted leather items, this is the perfect piece for you. It is unique because it is handmade – no two products are the same. Our products are being made giving due respect to our tradition and we ensure the artisans are provided with the fair share for their work.

What makes it different from other products?

It is not an ordinary leather product. The seller also supports other craftsmen by providing raw material to around 10 artisans to practice the craft, taking help from women in the neighbourhood for embroidery and mirror work, thereby generating a livelihood and providing gainful employment.

What it is made of?

Rich in detail, this offering is an outcome of age-old techniques of slicing, hand stitching, punching and braiding. Endowed with embroidery and engraving skills, these Kutch artisans over time have added a new dimension to their leather products, beautifying them with hand embroidery, embossing or engravings. Leather craft forms an integral part of the Kutch culture, being practised here for generations. The roots of this craft date back to the Marwada Meghwal community known for leather craft, that migrated from Sindh and Rajasthan to Kutch. Working closely with the cattle herders of Kutch (the Maldhari community), they slowly spread their wings, supplying leather products to the residents of the area. Social barriers nearly led to the extinction of this wonderful craft. Most of the artisans quit, looking for other forms of employment. Today only 20-25 artisans in all of Kutch practice leather craft, taking immense pride in their skills and choosing to work with traditional handmade techniques alone

Where is it come from?

The product is from Kutch, Gujarat, India.

How do I use this product?

This piece of Ladies Designer bag is useful for different occasions and you can carry your necessary accessories while go for shopping or outdoor. You can use this as carry bag while shopping for small items replacing the plastic carry bags.

Why should I by this product?

Beyond the normal leather accessories, this item is your statement to the world that you are special. It is being designed for those who are looking for ethical fashion. The seller's passion for innovation and new designs has encouraged many other artisans to continue practicing leather craft.



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