Black Earthen Biriyani Pot / Seasoned Clay Biriyani Pot 2 Litrs

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This is the traditional black handmade Clay/Earthen biriyani Pot for preparing biriyani / rice in the most traditional way. This is the most eco-friendly and natural choice for cooking, avoiding chemical contacts to keep natural taste. There are immense health benefits of using clay pot for cooking.

• Promotes easier digestion of food

• Provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and sulphur

• Makes food naturally tasty due to the porous nature of clay


SKU 160-001
Materials  100% Natural Clay
Care Description
  • No heavy soap or detergent is recommended to clean as the soap will soak into the pores of the clay and therefore us only mild dishwasher.
  • To remove food items stuck to your unglazed earthenware, simply soak it in water.
Height 12 cm
Length 22 cm
Capacity 2 Liter
Weight 1150 gm
Colour Black
Brand Made by local artisans of Kerala, India.
Origin India
Other This product is handmade from natural clay and hence minor variations in patterns and small scars etc. may be seen.


What problem it solve?

When you want to prepare your food in the most natural way without contacting any chemical or toxic agents, the only method is to use the clay pots. The alkaline nature of clay neutralizes the acidity of the food and maintains the pH balance. The food cooked in earthen pots is high in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulphur which plays an important role for the well being of a human body. 

What makes it different from other products?

As oppose to aluminium or other synthetic non-stick utensils, this traditional earthen cookware is made from the pure clay without adding any chemicals and made by the artisans using traditional pottery techniques. We assure you there are no chemicals used in any step of making this product and it is made using natural excavated Clay.

The pots are handmade with at most perfection and Precision for Elegance and Durability. Made with tightly packed clay which reduces water leakage through pours due to sweating. Since it not made by machine, each products are handmade and therefore it is unique. No two products are the same.

What it is made of?

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. The clay has been used as a material for making pots date back to the pre-historic period. The quality of the earthen products is depends on the type and source of clay. The clay is used for our products are from the natural and sustainable sources of Kerala, better known as Gods Own Country.

Where is it come from?

These are made by the finest potters of Nilambur, a pottery village in Kerala (India) using traditional pottery techniques.

How do I use this product?

The black clay pot comes after double kilned for black color and extra durability, and it is seasoned. Soak the pot in starch for 2-3 hours. Let the pot to dry in sun, and then wash off the remaining starch before using the pot.

Why should I by this product?

Cooking in earthen pots is a slow process and involves the use of a minimum amount of oil thereby helping in retaining food’s natural oil and moisture. Beyond being good just for food, unglazed earthen pots hold lots of promise for the environment. Hence, it is highly recommended to use earthen pots while cooking as it has multiple benefits in keeping the body healthy and fit


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