I Ride, for the Love of Art series - 100% organic, fair trade cotton T-Shirt

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100% Certified Organic Cotton T Shirt. I Wear Me is an eco-conscious and ethical clothing brand that doesn’t take shortcuts to create fashion. Our t-shirts are made with love from Soft & Natural Organic Cotton without using toxics and GMO seeds. Manufacturing partners are 100% Fair-trade Certified adhering to Ethical and Safe Working Environment & Zero Child Labour.

    • Fabric: Soft and lightweight. No shrinks, no bleeds.
    • Great fit: No drooling necklines, perfect sleeves. The best fitting organic cotton t-shirts you'll ever wear.
    • Printing: GOTs approved water based nontoxic inks. Soft and long lasting.
    • Organic, Vegan&Fair-trade


SKU 137-010
Materials Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified Cotton)
Care Description

Light wash inside out

Don’t tumble dry

Law iron inside out

Wash with similar colours

Do not bleach

Size S,M,L,XL
Colour Black
Brand I wear Me – I Ride 
Origin India

What problem it solve?

    • Conventional cotton farming uses high levels of pesticides and toxic chemicals that seep into the Earth. Global cotton production requires 200,000 tonnes of pesticides and 8 million tonnes of synthetic fertilisers every year. Cotton production uses 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, yet it accounts for 16% of all insecticides sold globally.The usage of high levels of pesticides and toxic chemicals impact farmers and local communities. The World Health Organisation figures show that in developing countries approximately 20,000 individuals die of cancer and suffer miscarriages as a result of chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton.
    • Preserving the precious water -the Grey Water Footprint (GWF) of conventional cotton production can be between 5 and 22 times higher than that of organic cotton.Around 20% of all global industrial water pollution results from the dyeing, treatment of textiles. Dyeing and finishing of textiles, including cotton, can require as much as 200 tonnes of water for every tonne of textiles produced.
    • Most of the toxic chemicals can remain present in water (rivers, lakes and the sea) and soils for many years. These persistent toxins can bio-accumulate through the food chain leading to serious illnesses for both animals and humans. Some of the chemicals and dyes used in the manufacture of cotton have been found can even cause cancer and disrupt hormones.
    • Organic cotton farmers take extra care to protect the environment, animals and people — conserve water, support biodiversity and healthy soils, eliminate hazardous toxic pesticides from water, soil and air.

What makes it different from other products?

Organic t-shirts made from certified organic cotton on the other hand never uses GM seeds, hence it does not require any kind of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic cotton uses alternate natural pesticides and fertilizers which does not affect the soil fertility and ensures the soil remains healthy for a longer time. The cost of producing organic cotton is also relatively lower as there is no use of expensive GM seeds, synthetic fertilizers, and heavy use of labour. This contributes to farmer’s profitability when he sells his organic produce at a minimum fair price and sometimes even at a premium to buyers supporting ethical and fair trade practises.

Let’s go organic and do our bit to reduce and lessen the impact on the environment.

What it is made of?

We strive to do our best to do everything we can to lessen the impact on the environment. We ensure this by making our t-shirts from 100% organic cotton and other Eco-friendly materials. Organic t-shirts lowers the ecological impact on the environment as the cotton made from does not require any kind of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for its growth while still making a superiorly soft and comfortable wear.

Where is it come from?

The product is from India and it is manufactured in the fair-trade factories of Tiruppur - known as the knitwear capital of India, accounting for 90% of India's cotton knitwear export.

Why should I by this product?

I wear me stands for eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable fashion. If you are one of the eco-conscious tribe looking for planet friendly solutions, the product is a perfect match for you.

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