Green Kids Sustainable Printed Pencil Case – 100% Natural Vegan Cork

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Cork pencil case with zipper closure for your kids - perfect for school, university, etc. This is a unique cork product and so is the perfect choice for a green life style. It's made out of Portuguese cork that´s extracted from the oak trees in an organic and sustainable way. They’re the ultimate combination of functional usage and sustainable fashion statement, perfectly blending utility with life style.

A perfect gift to your kids which is a statement of your green commitment.

  •  Sustainable Fashion
  •  Cruelty Free
  •  Friendly harvested from the OAK Tree
  •  100% non-toxic & Organic
  •  PETA Approved
  •  Light & Smooth


SKU 138-001
Materials 100 % Natursl cork.Fabric
Care Description When cleaning is necessary, simply dampen a soft, clean cloth with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Using a circular motion, gently wipe clean. Wipe away any excess soap. Allow to air dry.
Height 9 cm
Length 20.5 cm
Width 3 cm
Weight 30 grm
Colour/Pattern Classic
Brand MB Cork
Origin Portugal
Other PeTA Certified

What problem it solve?

Your kids deserve better nontoxic options for everyday use. Because all forms of plastic are not natural but created through industrial chemical processes, using non-renewable resources that generate toxic emissions. Our products are being made giving due respect to our planet using sustainable process and using natural plant based resources.

What makes it different from other products?

This product is made from natural cork leather, a sustainable alternatives to conventional leather. Cork is composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber) that mostly grows on the southwest Europe and northwest Africa regions, being the majority in Portugal (34% of the world cork forests).

What it is made of?

This material has been used for quite some time, as it was found cork bottle stoppers in Egyptian tombs dating thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks also used it to make fishing net floats, sandals, and bottle stoppers. Two thousand years ago, Romans widely used cork in a variety of ways, including life jackets for fishermen. Now using modern methods, we are bringing you the fashion statements made of cork leather as an alternative to the conventional leather which is not cruelty free.

Where is it come from?

The product is from Portugal where 34% of the world’s cork forests are situated.

How do I use this product?

Designed with sustainable lifestyle in mind, the cork leather pencil case is a perfect replacement for plastic or canvas case where your kids can keep coins, pencils, etc. for their daily school use.

Why should I by this product?

Beyond normal, this pencil case is your commitment to a greener world.

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