Handcrafted Brass & Druzy Stone Ring – Jaipur Artisan made

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A testament of true craftsmanship, here is a classic piece of contemporary ring from Jaipur, the Emerald City of India. It comes with Druzy crystals / stone skilfully complimented with brass ring. As believed, druzy Crystal will boost your imagination and creativity and induce relaxation. Whenever you feel the need to harmonize a bunch of people and move toward a common spiritual goal, you can use Druzy Crystals.

Every handmade offering is unique. Minor variations from the product displayed can be expected.

    • Sustainable Fashion
    • Handmade
    • Artisan Made
    • Fair trade


SKU 113-004
Meterials Brass & Druzy Stone 
Care Description Use a small amount of brass cleaner on the cloth and rub all over your ornament in small circles.This will remove any tarnish and leave your ornament looking like new. Store in a zip lock pouch. Keep away from water,perfume and other chemicals.
Height 0.06 inch
Length 0.98 inch
Width 0.79 inch
Weight 4 grm
Colour Brass/Golden
Brand Made by local Artisans
Origin Made in India
Other Stone size:0.23 x 0.87 inches,stone weight :2.3 grams


What problem it solve?

If you are looking for a personal collection out of the normal crowd, this is the perfect piece for you. It is unique because it is handmade – no two products are the same. Our products are being made giving due respect to our tradition and we ensure the artisans are provided with the fair share for their work.

What makes it different from other products?

The art of creation is surrounded by traditional skills invested with the magical touch of an artist. The craft of jewellery making is considered sacrosanct as it deals with pure metals and precious stones. Ornaments made with devotion and spiritual consciousness automatically become valuable on their own, as a result of dedicated and highly skilled craftsmanship. A piece of jewellery goes through many stages of designing, selecting, moulding, setting, cleaning, polishing and many other intricate processes. Master jewellers are a rare commodity, steady hands makes one skilled in the art of jewellery fabrication.

What it is made of?

This exquisite piece of jewellery is handmade using the metal casting technique. It is a modern process with ancient roots. Jewellery casting involves a mould being made from a wax pattern and then filled with molten metal to create a custom piece of jewellery. It is also called lost wax casting because the wax is always “lost” during the process of making jewellery. Once the mould is prepared, the artisans put the mould into oven until the plaster hardens. In the oven, all of the wax melts out of the hollow cavity. With a wax-free mould, manufacturers then pour molten metal into the cavity with a vacuum machine or a centrifugal casting machine.

Stone: A druzy is sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of druzy, because there are many types of minerals. Each type of druzy has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color.

Where is it come from?

The product is from Jaipur, the Emerald City of India.

How do I use this product?

 The ring is an easy wear and provides an elegant look to your style.

Why should I by this product?

Beyond the normal accessories, this druzy stone ring is your statement to the world that you are special. It is being designed for those who are looking for ethical fashion. If you are one of the eco-conscious tribe looking for sustainable fashion products, it is a perfect match for you.

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