Hand-woven Cotton Backpack – Artisan made

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This beautiful backpack has been hand-woven by skilled artisans using high quality cotton yarn. This offering is aesthetic and complements the contemporary graffiti style. Featuring village cotton, it is as eco-friendly, sustainable and durable as can be.

• Made with natural cotton yarn

• Handmade by artisan

• Graffiti style

• Indigenous design


SKU 100-005
Materials Cotton
Care Description Spot clean only 
Height 18 inch
Length 8.2 inch
Width 8.2 inch
Weight 435 grm


Brand Artisan Made
Origin Handmade in India

What problem it solve?

This products is from the artisan villages where actively women participates in the cottage industry. These gifted artisans perfectly balance work with their domestic responsibilities. They usually work from the comfort of their homes, doing what they do best - creating items of beauty. While you deserve a perfect handmade product, this purchase supports the fair trade and living wage to a family.

What makes it different from other products?

In hand weaving, the weaver applies pressure on a pedal to weave a close-knit fabric. The mechanism of the loom is worked barefooted to judge the feel of the yarn. The four main fabrics which are worked on the handloom are cotton, khadi, linen and silk. Hand weaving is a 3000 years old art. Today, India remains the only country in the world to still have a handloom textile industry providing employment to 4.4 million weaver families. The artisans have managed to preserve this art and culture of weaving despite facing immense competition from the power loom industry which dominates the market.

What it is made of?

The product is being made using 100% pure cotton and weaved by talented women artisans in the villages.

Where is it comes from?

The product is from India.

How do I use this product?

You can use this item as a trendy outfit while you commute between office / study / travel or to carry your tiffin / lunch packs.

Why should I buy this product?

As oppose to conventional products, this is a curated artisanal offering responsibly sourced from culture-rich parts of India. It is a celebration of indigenous crafts, a harmonious blend of culture, history and artistry.

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