Cast Iron Fry Pan, Pre-Seasoned for Healthy cooking – 22 Cm

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This cast iron fry pan is an essential item for your kitchen for preparing your dishes like frying eggs, fishes, meat etc without using much oil.

Teflon coated cookware is not healthy and next healthier alternate is Cast Iron cookware. Naturally made, cast iron is highly sought for its health benefits across the world and we bring to you this organic cookware from the India. Switch to a more healthy and tasty option for cooking.

•Cast iron cookware enhances taste

•Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals

•Cast Iron cookware fortifies your food with iron

•It is super sturdy and lasts for generations


SKU  163-001
Materials  Cast Iron
Care Description
  • Wash cast iron by hand with mild soap.
  • Dry promptly with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Rub with a very light layer of vegetable oil.
  • Store cookware in a dry place.
Height  4 cm
Length(including handle) 37 cm
Width  22 cm
Weight  1850 gm
Colour  Black
Brand  Surya
Origin  India

What problem it solve?

Non stick Teflon utensils release toxic fluorides in high temperatures which is very harmful to human health. When you want to prepare your food in the most natural way without contacting any chemical or toxic agents, the alternate material available is cast iron. The food cooked in cast iron utensils fortifies your food with iron. A small amount iron is naturally released into the food as you cook in it.

 It is definitely worth buy for its health benefits, heat-retention and easy to use nature.

What makes it different from other products?

As oppose to aluminium or other synthetic non-stick utensils, the traditional cast iron cookware is healthy and it makes your food tastier.  cast iron cooking helps your body with an iron intake as it by own nature absorbs iron into your food, which will be beneficial in reducing iron deficiency issues.
Cast iron cookware requires very less oil to cook and being toxic free, chemical free and enamel free ensures healthy cooking. The thick bottom of the cookware ensures even heat distribution with superior temperature resistance and no hot spots. The thickness and quality of surya cast iron fry pan gives it longer life and consumes less oil.

What it is made of?

Cast iron is one of the oldest human inventions which is still in use for making your kitchen healthy.  Cast iron was invented in the 5th century BC and it has been used since for making pots and utensils. Its sturdy and strong nature makes it long lasting and a traditional asset being transferred to generations.

Where is it come from?

Our cast iron products are hand crafted by artisans in India.

How do I use this product?

  1. Scrub skillet well in hot soapy water.
  2. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Spread a thin layer of melted shortening or vegetable oil over the skillet.
  4. Place it upside down on a middle oven rack at 375°. (Place foil on a lower rack to catch drips.)
  5. Bake 1 hour; let cool in the oven.

Why should I by this product?

Cooking in cast iron pot is a slow process and involves the use of a minimum amount of oil thereby helping in retaining food’s natural oil and moisture.

•100% Natural and no harmful chemicals               

•Hand Crafted

•Boosts Nutritional Value and build Immunity

•Retains flavor of food

•Heats evenly across the surface & retains temperature of Food                

•Versatile & Durable                

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